Our Mission is to share the love of Christ by uniting orphans with families and caring for their needs.

We are a charitable non-profit 501(c)3 organization based in Lake Tahoe, Nevada that aspires to serve orphans throughout the world. Our family began hosting orphaned children in our home in 2012. We also recently completed an adoption of our son from Latvia. We have learned about the great needs of these children and were inspired to establish a Fund that could assist with their needs. Our family desires to assist other missionaries and families in their pursuit of orphan care and adoption. James 1:27 tells us that we are to look after orphans in their distress and Isaiah 1:17 states that we should defend the orphan. Please join us in uniting the fatherless with families and defending the cause of orphans worldwide.

A Father to the Fatherless Orphans’ Fund provides financial assistance for families adopting and hosting orphaned children. The Fund also supports the needs of children who are unable to be adopted or hosted. We support orphans in five different countries on four different continents. If you would like to contribute to the Fund click here.

Purvance Family
The Purvance Family


Adoption and Hosting Grants

A Father to the Fatherless Orphans’ Fund offers adoption airfare and orphan hosting grants to families in need of financial. We will provide grant funding on your behalf to an approved agency for adoption or the hosting of orphans. To Learn more about our Adoption a Hosting Grants go to Financial Assistance Applications.

Orphan Organizations

A Father to the Fatherless Orphans’ Fund supports four different Orphan Organizations in India, Latvia, Kenya, Russia. For more information on these organizations visit Orphan Organizations.

Adopt an Orphanage

Adopt an Orphanage is a partnership between an american church and an orphanage in Latvia. Each year, members of the church go on a week mission trip to their adopted orphanage and share the love of christ with the orphan children. Please contact us for more information.

Christmas Joy in Kenya

A Father to the Fatherless Orphans’ Fund sends packages to orphans in Kenya in Christmas season. The packages include Hygiene items, school supplies, candy, and teddy bears. To read about the turnout of this years “Christmas Joy” program, visit New Years’s Blessings from Nyamira, Kenya.

We support orphans in five different countries on four different continents; USA, Latvia, Russia, India, Kenya.


Our vision is to have no child denied the right to an adoption or loving care due to financial burdens.