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How New Hope Latvia Accomplishes their mission, to Care and support, facilitate relationships with, advocate for, evangelize to, and disciple the fatherless in Latvia.

Care and Support
•    Aged-Out Orphans – Helping with their immediate and on-going needs as they enter into independent living (ie. Helping with bills, providing clothes, food and household necessities).
•    Orphan Care – Coming alongside orphans and orphanages to meet specific needs (ie. Providing clothes, winter apparel and food for special occasions).

Facilitate Realtionships
•    Orphanage Adoption Program – We help a church abroad to adopt a Latvian orphanage, creating a family-type relationship in which the church can care for the needs of the kids and the orphanage. For example, churches can sponsor children for Christmas and birthday gifts, host kids from the orphanage to their community or send teams to the orphanage for building projects and to lead Vacation Bible Schools.
•    Camps – We invite several international teams to serve at our camps with the intention of building long-term relationships with orphans in Latvia.

•    Hosting Programs – Through New Hope’s relationships with orphans and orphanages, we have the ability to advocate for children to be hosted abroad.
•    Adoption – Coming alongside adopting families during the adoption process. That can include being the possible connection while they are in their home country and also providing support for adopting families during the court process in Latvia.

•    Camps – We invite orphans to experience a Christ-centered atmosphere and enables us to share the love of Christ through relationships and evangelistic programs.
•    Orphanage Visits – As we visit orphanages throughout the year, we have the opportunity to share the love of Christ through relationships, small groups and bible study.

•    Camps – We organize specific camps that will help those who have a relationship with Christ to grow in their faith and leadership.
•    Relationships – Because orphans have experienced much rejection and hurt in their lives, there are more obstacles in the discipleship process. Our role is to speak truth, encourage and help them walk through these challenging issues in the hope that they can accept  God’s healing love and presence in their lives.