New Hope Latvia

New Hope Latvia exists to care and support, facilitate relationship with, advocate for, evangelize to and disciple the Fatherless in Latvia.


The Harbor, St. Petersburg


Finds the forgotten teenage orphans who have recently left the state system and offer them real hope for a future along with the education and skills to secure it.

The Harbor Outreaches

The mission of The Harbor is carried out through four outreaches:

Residential Program:  “Aged-Out” orphans live with mentors who teach and model life skills, ensure adequate education is being received, and provide a home atmosphere where family life can be experienced. Mandatory counseling is provided to address the unique issues of a neglected or institutional life. Bible studies are provided to search the meaning and purpose of life.

Vocational training Center:  Teaches basic competency in technology, carpentry, cooking,
English, sewing, cosmetology, and more.  Out of these skills supplemental incomes may be gained or careers pursued. Counseling and a Biblical world view are interjected as much as possible.

Young Mother’s Program:  Teaches parenting skills and nutrition, provides guidance and counseling to young, mostly single, mothers – all of whom grew up as orphans or in troubled homes. Counseling and a Biblical world view are interjected as much as possible.

Outreaches may change over the course of time as they will be dictated by need, finances, and staff.

The Harbor Vision

To duplicate The Harbor model in as many cities as the Father allows through the training of leaders that He provides.

To bring healing and hope to future generations of orphans.


Sarah’s Covenant Homes, India

We believe that every life matters. The vision is to see every child in India valued and thriving in an atmosphere of love. Our mission is to love previously abandoned children with medical and special needs by caring for their emotional, physical, medical, educational and spiritual needs in a family environment.

Amazing Smile Children’s Center

Amazing Smile Children’s Center

Amazing Smile Children’s Center’s mission is to take into their care orphaned, destitute and vulnerable children, to rekindle in them the sense that they are special and thus create purpose and add meaning to their lives. To provide for their basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter, education and medical needs as well as provide a home. to bring them up in the way of the lord and help them achieve their maximum potential in all areas of their lives.