Bridge Builders International

We are an Oregon-based Christian ministry that focuses on the nation of Latvia.

Our VISION is to see Latvia transformed by the love and power of Jesus Christ.

Our PASSION is to help Latvians know, love and follow the Lord Jesus Christ with all of their hearts.

Our OBJECTIVES focus on Outreach, Mobilization, Leadership, and Mercy.

We bring all sorts of people together to form vital partnerships and use their gifts, networks and resources to encourage and strengthen Latvian leaders, pastors, students, youth leaders, orphans, churches, schools, and camps.

Adoption Airfare

We are a Christian Travel Agency, providing missionary and humanitarian airfare to missionaries and adopting families from all over the world! It is our JOY in serving families with their adoption travel so much, that we decided it was time to open up a special website and travel agency, just for internationally adopting families! We are also known for the missionary flights we offer through Cheap Missions Trips. Our website for missions and group travel is

New Horizons for Children

We are a nationwide orphan ministry that works with families from coast-to-coast. We provide families the unique ministry opportunity to share Christ’s love with orphans from Easter Europe and Asia for a 4-5 week visit twice a year.